Wire & Web, LLC

Wire & Web, LLC has been providing network and data systems services to business for over 10 years. Prior to starting Wire & Web, John Black, our “Head Geek” has been involved in professional computer services since 1988.

While we provide primarily networking and computer systems services, our background leads us to approach issues from a business point of view. We do not see the data systems as an end, just as a tool to help you run your business.

Most of our clients are small business clients with less than 100 employees and many have only 3 to 20 employees. Many clients, particularly the smaller ones, use us as an entire outsourced IT department. An outsourced IT department that is based right here in the USA.

Address: 9 North Loudoun Street, Suite 203, Winchester, VA 22601

Phone: (540)-665-8950

Web Address: http://www.wireandweb.com

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