Old Town Vibe

The mall is alive with the sound of music! That’s right–Old Town Vibe is back!

What is Old Town Vibe? It’s Old Town Winchester’s sponsored busker program: a celebration of local talent, a paid opportunity for working musicians, and a promise that every weekend in Old Town will hold something new and spontaneous. Whether you’re a visitor for the day or a local strolling your neighborhood, there’s bound to be something happening. So take in the music while you dine outdoors. Stop and chat with a busker in between hitting the shops. Or get inspired and join in–after all, you’re part of the Vibe!

Interested in becoming a paid musician for Old Town Winchester or setting up to sell artwork? Curious about other artistic opportunities? Send an email to otw@winchesterva.gov !

Want to busk or play on your own schedule? Take a look at our Old Town Busker Guide for tips on getting started!

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