Winchester is for Weddings

Winchester is the wedding capital of Virginia – holding this designation since the early 1940’s because of the thousands of couples who exchange vows here annually.  Winchester’s quaint historic downtown is a perfect place to make your wedding a memorable occasion, let us tell you how…..



The Official Lover’s Guide to Getting Married in Old Town Winchester

  1. Find that perfect someone who just makes your heart go thumpity-thump-thump every time you get close.  We really can’t help with this – but trust you will know it’s real.
  2.  Hint to that perfect someone that the time is now.  A formal proposal is not always required – sometimes it just takes a little suggestion when the time is right…like in a public restaurant while everyone else is watching and she can’t say no!
  3.  Select the rings that are just right to exchange.  Jewelers in Old Town can help you find rings to fit your style and budget….gold to silver, precious stones to reproductions, estate antiques, traditional and custom design.
  4.  Propose, hear a resounding “yes”, get your license and get married in a matter of 30 minutes.  With flawless planning, you can get married without too much interruption from your favorite daily activities….or with spectacular planning you can have a truly romantic wedding.
  5.  Obtain a marriage license.  We make it unbelievably easy here in Winchester.  Both applicants need to appear in person at the Winchester Circuit Clerks office (5 North Kent Street, Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm), furnish information needed under oath and pay a $30.00 fee in cash.  There is no blood test or waiting period required.  Details can be found at
  6.  Create your dream ceremony, from a quick no-frills civil ceremony to sublime.  Marriage Officiants, appointed by Winchester’s Circuit Court, are eligible to perform civil weddings and can help create the wedding event.  Couples are free to write their own vows and plan their own beliefs and ceremonies.  Find a local Marriage Officiant at
  7.  Exchange vows at a favorite Old Town place that is close to your heart.  Many places in Old Town Winchester have stories to tell – what is yours?  Is it where you met, where you knew you were in love or where you proposed?

Fall in love – get married – create a memory – all in Old Town Winchester.

Photo Credit:  Aaron Riddle

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