Abija Blue

Abija Blue FeaturedAbija Blue is an organization charged with the mission of bringing you magnificently hand-crafted products from some of the finest artisans this world has to offer.  We love to explore. Through our travels we have seen some amazing products made by some even more amazing artisans who lack the means to offer their products on the World stage. We seek these artisans out and provide an avenue that allows them to expand their market which expands their business which, in turn, expands their entire way of life!

Products include Turkish Towels (Peshtemal), Hand-Made Toys, Alpaca Scarves, Hand-Woven Baskets and Bags, Hand-Crafted Buckles and Belts, Hand-made Jewelry, Hand-woven Hats, and more.

Address: 126 N Loudoun Street, Winchester, VA 22601

Phone: (540)247-2926

Email: info@abijablue.com

Web Address: http://abijablue.com/

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