Sunday Jazz Sessions at Bright Box Theatre

Sunday Jazz SessionsThe Bright Box Theatre is kicking off a new jazz series called Sunday Jazz Sessions on March 23rd from 12:30pm to 4:00pm. The performance is also a jam session that allows for community members to get on stage with the house band.

Details from the Bright Box website:

“Pieces of Malarkey, our featured house band, is a rotating cast of talented musicians put together by Peter Prout (of Chatham Street). Inspirational and entertaining, you’ll watch, listen, and smile as songs take shape and evolve in an improvisational performance; a real experience as skills are honed and musical visions are expressed. Guest musicians & vocalists are on-hand to “sit in” as soloists or to be called upon to create a whole new trio, quartet or larger ensemble.

Sunday Jazz Sessions at Bright Box run from 12:30PM until 4:00PM. It’s the perfect activity for after Church, before dinner, or just a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Families, musicians, music lovers, students, kids – all are welcome.

In addition to the standard food and drinks we offer we’ll be featuring several specialty items – the perfect offerings for a perfect Sunday afternoon.”

Admission to Sunday Jazz Sessions is $10 and includes a food/drink voucher.

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