Shenandoah University’s 3rd Annual Downtown Plunge

Shenandoah University SUOn Saturday, Aug. 24, Shenandoah University will take members of the Class of 2017 to the Loudoun Street walking mall for its third annual “Downtown Plunge.” Buses will shuttle students from campus to the corner of Boscawen and Loudoun streets between 4:30 and 9pm. All first-year students will enjoy dinner with faculty members at the great restaurants downtown. At 7pm, everyone – all Shenandoah students and faculty and the Winchester community – is invited to a FREE concert on the Old Courthouse steps. The concert will take place from approximately 7:00 – 9 for a free and open to the public performance by The WeatherVanes, sponsored by Shenandoah University.

The WeatherVanes

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