Inaugural Old Town Restaurant Week Kicks Off March 4th

Restaurant Week This week, local residents and visitors will enjoy a first-time culinary event in Old Town Winchester.

Old Town Restaurant Week is a 4-day long promotional event, where restaurants in the historic district will be offering a delicious three course fix price meal to showcase their cuisine. This event is a low-cost option for dining at Winchester’s finest restaurants.

“Restaurant Weeks are a great way to get people to try out restaurants they’ve never been to, or to visit some of their favorites, for a really great price,” explained Jenny Brockwell, one of the organizers of the event.

“Traditionally, cities hold Restaurant Weeks in the late winter and early fall. We specifically held this inaugural Restaurant Week now, because of the revitalization work happening on the Old Town mall – we wanted an extra incentive to get people to come down and visit and see that the stores and restaurants are indeed open for business.”

A total of 15 local restaurants are participating in Restaurant Week, and have prepared special Restaurant Week menus. Some restaurants are offering a three-course meal for $25. Others are offering a meal for two for $25 or lunch for four for $25. The menus and details can be found online at Reservations are highly recommended.

Restaurant Week is made possible by the support of the Old Town Development Board and through event sponsors Murphy’s Beverage Co, Chester Magazine and Master Media Group. Additionally, the committee (consisting of ‘chester magazine owners Jenny Brockwell, Mark Baker, and Murphy Beverage Company owner Charlie Fish) will be organizing a promotional contest called Share Your Food, where people will Share a photo of their course(s) on Facebook, by tagging “Old Town Restaurant Week – Winchester” or uploading the photo to the Facebook wall of Old Town Restaurant Week – Winchester. Each photo will count as one entry, and a winner will be selected at the end of the week for a grand prize of a $100 gift certificate to the participating restaurant of their choice. More details can be found online at

Below are some FAQ’s about Old Town Restaurant Week.

  • When? Monday, March 4th, Tuesday, March 5th, Wednesday, March 6th and Thursday March 7th.
  • Why not a full week? Because we are testing the event out for the first time – with great response, hopefully it can grow into a full week!
  • Great deals to be had: Select restaurants will be offering 3 courses per person for only $25 per person. Other restaurants will be offering a full 3-course meal for 2 people for only $25 total. And a few restaurants will be offering the same 2 for $25 or 4 for $25 for lunch.
    • Why the differences in price? Because our restaurants are at varying price points. What may constitute a great deal for 3 courses at $25 per person at one restaurant may not be a good deal at another restaurant; and thus not get people in their doors for this promotional event. Additionally, some are offering the 2 for $25 or 4 for $25 deal because they are not open for dinner so they wanted to participate by offering a special for lunch. (*Restaurant Week is primarily for dinner and most restaurants will be participating in dinner-only promotion)
  • How can I know which restaurants are participating in which deal? You can find out those details on the official Restaurant Week webpage, which is There, you will find details on each restaurant and what price level they are offering – 3 courses for $25 or 2 (or 4) for $25. Currently, this webpage continues to be updated so keep checking back as we add new information.
  • What’s on the menu? Each restaurant will have an official Restaurant Week promotional menu – and it will be a limited, prix-fix menu. For example, 3 options for appetizer, 3 options for entree, and 3 options for dessert. Only the items on their official Restaurant Week menu are available for the promotion of 3 courses for $25 or 2 (or 4) meals for $25. You will be able to view every participating restaurant’s menu in advance at, as well as our Facebook page for the event. This will help you to plan where you want to go and hopefully will entice the public to try out several places over the course of that week.
  • Restaurants will still be offering their regular menu at regular prices; the special Restaurant Week menu is only a supplementary menu for this special promotion.
  • $25 does not include tax/tip
  • Some restaurants will be offering an optional upcharge for a paired flight of wine or beer to accompany their dinners.
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