Magic Lantern Theater Presents: The Biggest Story Problem

The Biggest Story ProblemThe Magic Lantern Theater and the Friends of Handley Regional Library will screen on Saturday, March 2 at 2 p.m. the documentary film, “The Biggest Story Problem” which examines U.S. students’ drop in math scores and competency between primary and secondary schools.  The film is co-produced and co-directed by New Mexico filmmaker Scott Laidlaw, a Handley HS graduate.

The event takes place in the Handley Library auditorium, 100 W. Piccadilly St., Winchester.  For further info, link to , e-mail or call 540/678-0963.

Plot Summary from The Biggest Story Problem is an independent documentary film that explores a previously unexplained phenomenon: why students in the United States perform well in math in their elementary years, score above average until 8th grade, and then precipitously drop to the bottom tier in the world by 10th grade. With highlights from top-scoring Finland to an exploration of the largest textbooks in the world and how they affect students in our country, this is not a story of failure, but one of hope. From the perspective of one teacher-turned-game designer, Scott Laidlaw, you will meet the teachers, students and schools on the frontlines, taking charge in changing our nation’s story of math education.

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