Lovesick Blues – The Life and Music of Hank Williams Sr.

lovesick-blues“Lovesick Blues: The Live and Music of Hank Williams, Sr.” will be playing at the Piccadilly Public House on February 24th at 6:30pm.  The musical theater event tells the legendary Country superstar’s story through his music and narration.

“Lovesick Blues is a 90 minute musical theater event which chronicles the significant phases of America’s most influential singer-songwriter as he drives his promising career to an early end. A narrator begins with Williams’ teenage years in post-Depression Alabama and brings the tale to his quiet death in 1953. The story is underscored by twenty hit songs wrapped tightly around Williams’ major biographical events. Robbie Limon gives an award-winning characterization of Williams’ life. He is supported on stage by a classic country-string quartet. All songs are full length renditions using instrumentation and arrangements as recorded throughout the 1940s. String bass and guitar are blended with the haunting sounds of pedal steel and fiddle.

The show also features a ‘long-lost’ song Williams planned to record but missed the opportunity due to his untimely death. Costume changes illustrate the evolution of Williams’ career from road-side honky-tonks, AM radio’s ‘Louisiana Hayride’ and the ‘Old Dominion Barn Dance’, to his appearances on ‘The Grand Ol’ Opry’.

The audience experience is intimate and personal. Truly, there are moments when you will believe it is 1949 and Hank is singing just for you. ‘Lovesick Blues’ has satisfied long term fans of Hank Williams Sr. and has certainly made new fans with each performance. Robbie Limon’s physical appearance and vocal interpretations are simply uncanny. One reviewer has noted ‘This is as close anyone will ever get to seeing and hearing Hank again’.”

Tickets to the event are $25.

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