Taylor Hotel Renovation Outlined in New Web Page

Built in 1848, the Taylor Hotel was a mainstay of Winchester for over 150 years before falling into disrepair.  The building originally housed travelers, but was used as General Stonewall Jackson’s first headquarters during the Civil War.  Winchester Residents later enjoyed the it as a movie theater, a department store, and a telecom center before it became vacant in 2004.

Taylor Hotel

Now the Economic Development Authority is moving forward with the hotel’s restoration.  The plan, which begins this fall, is now outlined in a page on Winchester’s website.  From the official press release:

“In 2011, the Economic Development Authority purchased the blighted Taylor Hotel with the intent to return the building into a successful and contributing member of the Loudoun Street Mall. After the middle portion of the building collapsed in October 2007, renovating the historic structure proved to be a challenge. But after many years of waiting, the people of Winchester will soon be able to enjoy this once vibrant and significant piece of Winchester history. Through the use of historic tax credits, federal and state grants and private investment, the City’s Economic Development Authority will begin the restoration efforts this fall.

To keep the public informed about the renovation’s progress, the City has launched a web page dedicated to the former Taylor Hotel building, its history and its upcoming revitalization. Updates will be posted periodically on this page as milestones are reached and decisions are made.

Click here to visit the Taylor Hotel web page.

Something wonderful is about to begin. Reaching the end result is going to take patience, heart and grace as the road to get there will be long and hard. But the renovated historic gem standing tall at the finish line will make all the tough times and waiting a distant memory. Let’s all enjoy the process, remember the historic significance and look forward to the benefits this renovation will bring to the citizens of Winchester.”

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