Parking Info During Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival

SABF-Parking-Tickets350With all the events happening this weekend, the streets will be filled of people enjoying the Apple Blossom Festival.  Don’t worry though: Old Town Winchester offers four parking garages, six off-street surface lots and 400 metered on-street parking spaces.  Reserved Autopark tickets are available for both Friday and Saturday of The Bloom at $10 and $15, respectively.  Here’s how each of the garages work:


When you arrive please push WHITE button for ticket. Keep that ticket on your dash. When you exit, use the exit lane paystation. Here’s how:

1) Insert the pink parking ticket with the mag stripe up and to the right. When it is inserted properly the paystation will display the fee owed.
2) Insert the CORRECT yellow validation coupon with the mag stripe up and to the right.

NOTE: No access allowed after 4:00 pm on Friday and Noon on Saturday (Braddock only).


1) Hand the coupon for the day you are parking to the attendant (please remove your reserved ticket from envelope and be sure to provide the correct coupon if you have purchased a ticket for Friday and Saturday)

2) If one autopark is FULL your reserved ticket will be accepted at the next available autopark.

3) Come early if you would like to park in a particular garage (all autoparks open at 8:00 am).


Note: ALL coupons have a monetary value – if they are damaged, lost or misused they can not be replaced.
All sales are final. NO REFUNDS.

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