Bloom Tip: Please Leave Pets at Home When You Visit Old Town Midway

PoochFor the comfort and safety of all Old Town Midway attendees and pets, the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival® and the City of Winchester will require you to leave all animals at home for this event.  Service animals are exempt.

While Old Town Winchester’s appeal to many of its visitors and new urban dwellers is as a pet-friendly area, there are occasions where it’s not a great idea to bring animals to large street events because they can quickly get stressed out by the noise, crowd size and odors.  In particular, concerns of events where lots of children may be holding food at a level easily accessible to dogs; plus issues of hygiene and animal waste.  Also, temperatures and humidity may often be high, with little shade to shelter pets.

Old Town Midway Restrictions:

In accordance with Section 5-15 of the Winchester City Code, the Winchester Police Department is issuing this Public Notice that the applicable restrictions prohibiting animals from entering designated areas on the “Downtown Mall” (which is defined as the area North of Cork St., South of Fairfax Ln., East of Braddock St. and West of Cameron St. inclusive of the named streets) shall be in force and effect during the Old Town Midway of the Apple Blossom Festival.  The dates and restrictions are:

10am on 5-4-2012 to 10pm on 5-5-2012 for the Old Town Midway of the Apple Blossom Festival

There are some restrictions that apply ex: service animals or vendors that have obtained written authorization from the Chief of Police. Residents living within the designated area shall be permitted to walk their animals to and from their residence and may be required to show proof of residency while walking their animals through designated areas.




Photo by Nathan R. Yergler / CC BY-SA 3.0

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