Be an “extra” for a TV spot for the Army SHARP Program

CameraHere’s your chance to be in a TV spot!  Mind & Media, Inc. will be shooting a commercial for the Army’s SHARP (Sexual Harrasment & Assault Response & Prevention) Program on Thursday, May 10th from 9am to 1pm at the corner of Boscawen and Loudoun streets.  Here’s more info from the company:

“We are looking for approximately 100 “extras” to play the part of a crowd attending a small town celebration for an Army Sodier who is being singled out as a “Hero.”  We will have balloons, American flags and confetti for the crowd in order to emulate a parade.  In real life, this would be a family event, so families are welcome to come.

The commercial is for a series being created to increase awareness of sexual harassment & assault, as well as the steps that civilians and soldiers can take to prevent them from happening.  The spots will be shown at a nationwide concert series being sponsored by SHARP, as well as on their website.

We will have doughnuts and coffee at 8:30am for those that want to arive early.  We’ll begin the shoot at 9am.  After the shoot, at around 1pm, we’ll have pizza for those that want to stick around.

Please help us to get the word out by telling your friends, posting the url for this notice on your social media networks, etc.  Help us get the word out!”

Those interested in participating should RSVP using Eventbrite page.

Picture by SFC Gordon Lamb.

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