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Selah Theatre Project ClassSelah Theatre Project will be holding a special DramaShop for ages 3 to 18 at the Bright Center on January 31st from 4:30 to 8:30pm.

From the Selah Theatre Project’s website:

SING, DANCE, ACT.  Imagination on paper then brought to life is the experience these young actors will gain.  Students will use aspects of play writing, scene study and improvisation to create a masterpiece they can call their own.

Located in the beautiful downtown pedestrian mall of Winchester, young actors will experiment with drama, movement and sounds.  All basic techniques of the theatre world are introduced in this one of a kind drama program.


1. PlayDates (Ages 3-5) 4:30pm-5:30pm

2. Jr.Stage (Ages 6-8) 5:35pm-6:30pm

3. CenterStage (Ages 9-12) 5:30pm-7pm

4. SeniorStage (Ages 13-18) 6:35pm-8:30pm

For more info, please email the Selah Theatre Project.

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